I’m in such a pensive mood, I’m getting into my “let me contemplate about life and everything about it” phase. I might just watch a shitload of [existential] drama movies to quell it.

For some reason, I barely find people who are willing to just sit down and talk about life. Regrets and blessings, family and friends, meanings and beliefs. I’m almost always afraid to have these kinds of conversations with other people though because it seems to me that nowadays, almost everyone doesn’t like to contemplate and think too hard on account of being pensive also has the same status as “depressing.” Maybe that’s why I don’t really have someone to talk to about these things except for one or two people, who are now my best friends.

I could really go for some hot chocolate right about now.

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  1. antelopehorns said: I have the same problem! Not many people want to be deep or think about anything. I am thankful for the few people I know who do.
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